GoT Recap–The Door a/k/a Warg this Way

We reached the halfway point of this season. I am pleasantly surprised by how well this is going. Episodes are (mostly) exciting, while at the same time setting the table for a glorious feast later on this season and in future seasons. Like last week, I almost don’t have anything to complain about. Almost. One of […]

GoT Recap–Oathbreaker a/k/a Jon Snow Drops the Mic

GoT pulled a True Blood last night. For those of you  unfamiliar with HBO’s previous programming, I’ll explain. True Blood almost always ended on a cliff hanger. The next episode almost always picked up right at the cliff hanger, so you usually didn’t have to wait too long to find out what happened. True Blood […]

GoT recap: The Red Woman a/k/a The Old Woman

We’re back! I’m back, you’re back to read this deranged tirades, Dinkles, Jamie, Cersei, Dani, KG, Sansa, Blind No-Face Araya, Rodolfo, Grey Worm, Liam McGuiness, Melisandre, the creepy-ass bitch—everyone is back! We’re back for a new season of GoT, George R.R. Martin’s (“GRRM”) macabre, prurient, death spiral. The show has caught up to GRRM’s glacial writing […]