GoT Recap Doubleheader– Lord Snow a/k/a I Don’t Even Care Anymore + Cripples, Bastards, and Broken Things a/k/a Fact Finder

I was not impressed with these installments of GoT. These episodes had every thing I hate about this show: over-reliance on convoluted backstory , too many disparate subplots, and awful sex scenes. To make things easier for me (and more humorous for you), I’m going to recap this episode entirely in a list style, à […]

GoT Recap–Battle of the Bastards a/k/a Pet Sounds

Say what you will about GoT’s faults (we all know I have on numerous occasions), but this show really knows how to depict an epic battle. I heard the Battle of Blackwater episode was fantastic (I hadn’t been roped into watching at that point in the series) and last season’s “Hardhome” was another optical stunner. Last night’s […]