GoT Recap–Blood of My Blood a/k/a Family Matters

The title of this week’s episode “Blood of My Blood” made me think of families. It’s almost as if the show writers chose the title on purpose because our characters had all kinds of family issues this week. Let’s discuss.

We first check in with Bran and Curly Sue, still on the run from the wights. Curly Sue is still hauling Bran’s gimp ass around. Right now, Bran=worthless. The wights are closing in on this sorry pair, when a mysterious rider shows up. At first, I thought for sure this guy was a member of the Nazgul.



Oh wait, wrong fantasy universe. Luckily for Bran and Curly Sue, the rider was not a Ringwraith, but Bran’s uncle Benjen. Great timing, long lost uncle! Maybe with Benjen around, Bran won’t need to rely on his crap warging skills to find out about the past.

Another character having family issues this week is Fat Sam. He and Gilly Tilly are en route to Sam’s hometown to rejoin Sam’s family. Sam is really nervous because his dad is a real a-hole. Sam starts naming various types of trees in the area. Right away, this came to my mind:

Fat Sam has a valid reason to be nervous because his dad Randy (that’s close enough to dad’s actual name) has no idea Gilly Tilly is a Wildling. Randy hates Wildlings because he fought them in wars or something. Dude, don’t paint everyone with the same brush! Anyway, Fat Sam and GT arrive at Sam’s old house. News flash: Fat Sam is loaded! GT really needs to hitch her horse to Sam’s (gold and diamond) wagon.


Photo: What GT should do at Sam’s house. Sam’s mother and sister come out to greet Sam and GT. Sam’s mom and sister are so sweet! They dote on Little Sam and tell GT she is lovely. Everything will be fine, right? Wrong. At dinner with Randy, all shit hits the fan. Randy is all up in Sam’s biz when GT decides she’s had enough. During her tongue lashing of Randy, she lets it slip that she once was “on [her] way down to Castle Black”. Randy is all “hold up. You said down to Castle Black? Where the hell are you from? Oh dang, you’re a Wildling! BTDubs, I hate Wildlings”. Randy tells Sam he has to leave; GT and Little Sam will stay at Casa Moneybags. Later that night, Sam decides he’s not going to take this treatment from Randy.  He steals into GT’s chambers and says they are leaving. Before jetting, Sam makes sure to steal Randy’s sword, which is one of few surviving Valyrian steel swords. Way to go, Sam! For once, you were not totally boring!

Like Fat Sam, another GoT child betrayed his parents in this episode: Tommen. In Tommen’s situation this betrayal wasn’t for the better. In King’s Landing, the High Sparrow is about to make Margery complete her walk of atonement. Jamie rides up on a gallant white steed to put a stop to this trifling nonsense. The Tyrells are also there, but it doesn’t really matter. They are window dressing in this scene. Before anything can happen with Margery, Tommen shows up and proclaims: “J/K everyone. There will be no atonement today. Now there is an allegiance between the crown and the faith.” Girl, whut? This won’t be an allegiance, it will be just the High Sparrow running things. This is what happens when church and government intersect. The King’s Landing folks have obviously never seen the movie Spotlight or heard of ISIS.


Tommen then kicks Jamie out of King’s Landing to go lead an army against the Blackfish guy.

I’m just going to pretend the little twincest scene never happened.


It’s time again for the “Who Cares?” portion of the recap!

  • Arya was going to poison that actress lady, going so far as to contaminate the woman’s drink. However, Arya knocks the drink out of the woman’s hand just as she is about swig it back. The blonde lackey sees this and immediately tattles. Of course. The guy that needs a haircut says blondie can kill Arya. Right after, we see Arya retrieving her sweet sword she used to carry when she traipsed around with the Hound. Please, make me care, Arya!
  • Setrakian from The Strain makes an appearance! This time he’s not kvetching about strigoi, but about this Blackfish fellow. Seriously, we should just all watch The Strain instead.

Not all GoT parents had disappointing interactions with their respective offspring this week. Our Mother of Dragons is leading her Dothraki army with Liam McGuiness. She’s grilling him on some logistics. How many ships will she need to transport her humongous army? Liam McG says she’ll need 1,000 ships. Hmmm, seems like a number that’s been brought up before! Dani thinks on this and says she’ll BRB. While she’s gone, a menacing, dragon-shaped shadow fills the sky. Everyone cowers as Drogon swoops overhead carrying Dani. Drogon has grown since the last time we saw him! Fresh air does a dragon good. Dani gives an electrifying speech from Drogon’s back. She asks the Dothraki if they want to take the seven kingdoms with her. A chorus of assent rises up from the Dothraki crowd. Clearly.  You would have to be mentally disturbed to not enlist with the lady with the dragon(s).

Once again, Dani provides us with another thrilling episode ending. What did you think of this week’s episode? Will Fat Sam kill some guys with the Valyrian sword? Will the Blackfish character stir up some trouble? Where will Benjen take Bran and Curly Sue? Gotta go, I’m off to join Dani’s dragon army.


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