GoT Recap: Sweet, Glorious Mercy

Season 5, Episode 10: Mother’s Mercy

Original Air Date: June 14, 2015

At long last, we’ve arrived at the season 5 closure of our favorite shit show. Even though
I was an unwilling participant in the day-long GoT marathon the day of the finale, I actually
enjoyed the finale a little bit. There is much to discuss, so let’s dive right in to the pool.

This series has reached a new juncture. Our major players are dead (or are they???),
relocated, or re-grouping. A gaping power vacuum is forming in Westeros. Here is the DL on who is being whirled into that vacuum.

Stannis continues his march to Winterfell, even though half his men deserted him. His
wife deserted him too; she is found by the hanging tree wearing a necklace of rope. Melisandre leaves camp as well, but we’ll get to that later. Foolishly, Stannis marches on to Winterfell, only to be met by a gigantic army. It was like a Fellowship of the Ring-Orcs level matchup. Stannis and company get their ass kicked; Stannis is likely dead. The other Baratheons don’t fare so well either. Cersei confessed to her incestuous proclivities and was slut-shamed. King Tommen will be outed as a bastard. Jamie is returning to King’s Landing oblivious to the state of affairs and is transporting a dead Cersei Jr. The Baratheons are not exactly winning in Westeros right now. With the Baratheons almost eliminated, Dani Khaleesi seems poised to seize power.

Hopes for Dani to sit upon the Iron Throne were dashed again in the season finale. As you recall, her dragon flew her away from the calamity in the Mereen fighting pits. He led her to a really safe place…haha jk lol! Dani tries to explore the new territory, but is soon surrounded by crazy people riding horses. She’s back where the Khal Drogo people live. Will she be married off to another nomadic warlord? The Dinkles is left in charge of Mereen while Liam McGuiness and KG set off in search of Dani. Who will win the battle for Dani’s love? Love is a battlefield after all. I have so many questions that will probably not be answered until Season 6, Episode 6.

I covered House Baratheon and House Taragaryen, now what’s left of House Stark. With
Ramsay distracted with Stannis’s army, Sansa plans her escape from Winterfell. She’s aided in this by an unlikely (yet at the same time predictable) source: Theon/Reek. He kills Ramsay’s side piece Miranda and then he and Sansa leap over the city walls into a snow bank. I’m down with any story line that gives Sansa agency and causes frustration for Ramsay. The other remaining Stark (that wasn’t excommunicated from Season 5, not naming names but, Bran) is Araya. She was able to switch faces, killed a sadist, and then went blind. I give a big old “whatever” to this. Can you feel my apathy oozing onto the page?

With all the extraneous matters expunged, now it’s time for the moment you’ve all been
waiting for: the Jon Snow section of the recap!!!! Cue the trumpet fanfare! Oh, kind, virtuous, noble, intelligent Jon Snow. Your fate was sealed the moment you decided to be kind, virtuous, noble, and intelligent. Jon is stabbed by his comrades “for the watch”. That two-faced little shit Olly delivers the final blow. The episode (and season 5) conclude with an overhead shot of Jon lying in his namesake precipitation, crimson blood pooling around him and snowflakes collecting on his still body.

Is Jon Snow dead? That is the looming question over the entire season. Jon may be dead,
but I doubt the character is finished with the series. After my extensive research (by “research” I mean reading three Buzzfeed articles), I buy into the following scenario. The guys at the Night’s Watch know that if you don’t burn a dead body it will become part of the White Walker army. So, they will most definitely create a funeral pyre for Jon’s body. Underlying this theory is the sub-theory that Jon Snow is not Ned Stark’s bastard but the result of a dalliance between Ned’s sister Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen. Rhaegar is Dani Kahleesi’s older brother. Dani, the Mother of Dragons, was also confronted with a funeral pyre when Khal Drogo died. She stepped into this pyre, and instead of perishing, she had some sort of rebirth or transformation. There’s a sub-sub-theory that Targaryens are fire resistant. Even if that’s not true, there was some magical juju that occurred to allow Dani not to die in the flames. Also, Dani had been meddling in blood magic to bring Khal Drogo back to life. This is the same magic in which Melisandre, the creepy ass bitch, dabbles. Melisandre left Stannis’s camp for Castle Black and arrived right around the
time Jon Snow was stabbed. Thus, there’s a dead (likely) Targaryen, a blood magic sorceress, and funeral pyre all in the same location. Very convenient, show!

Further, it would be an extremely poor narrative choice for the show (and the books) for
Jon to be completely eliminated. With his supposed royal bloodline, Jon is probably the true heir to the Iron Throne. Other deaths on this show have set other storylines into motion; Jon’s would stall the plot and be a cheap trick played by the show runners just because it’s GoT and they can.

The show can either take Jon’s character in an intriguing direction or do nothing. What will it be, show? Hopefully, I added an interesting perspective to Game of Thrones recapping. At the very least, I did more than nothing. Thank you to my readers for support and encouragement. Maybe with a bit of blood magic, I, like Jon Snow, can return for season six.


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